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Located a few steps from 5th Avenue and 5 blocks from the beach , Condominio Horizonte 34 will make you live incredible moments in Playa del Carmen.

This beautiful and brand new property is in the perfect location that will allow you to capture the essence of Playa del Carmen in every way.


Enjoy the experience of living in a paradisiacal destination, right in the center and heart of the area, in one of the richest and most sought after multicultural destinations in the world.


Walk two minutes to get to 5th Avenue and start the day, or venture to enjoy the not so well known but wonderful treasures that the destination has to offer, walking the streets with the safety of the best area of ​​the center to discover bars that vibrate with live music, delicious restaurants, alternative shops, artisan cafes, colorful murals that adorn the view and much more.


Being located just 5 blocks from the beach, this fantastic property will give you the best introduction to discover the magic hidden in the streets of Playa del Carmen, which has made both locals and visitors who visit this city fall in love every year. .


Our hosts at The Collection will accompany you during your journey, providing you with attention and service in real time to guide you and help you enjoy your stay to the fullest.



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